Our academic year is divided into trimesters

The Texas Academy of Figurative Art accepts a limited number of students and working artists who are passionate and dedicated to a rigorous study of contemporary representational art.


January 11 – April 23

14 weeks (with Spring Break)


May 10 – July 23
11 weeks

Summer Teen Workshop 2021

June 21 – July 2nd
2 weeks


September 6 – December 17
13 weeks (with Thanksgiving Break)

Fall Workshop 2021 – Nov. 15 – 18

Guest Artist: TBD


Full-Time Atelier Program:

The Full-Time Atelier students have access to the studio 5 days per week. Instruction is provided Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the dates of the term. Students are given the freedom to arrange their schedule to maximize their work each term as they progress through the curriculum. We expect the Atelier students to attend all scheduled figure drawing/painting sessions, as well as commit a minimum of 18 hours per week their studio curriculum. With figure sessions and studio curriculum, this averages to about 27 hours per week.

Part-Time Students:

Students who take individual courses on a part-time basis begin with a two day per week schedule that is determined together by the instructors and student. Additional days can be added to this schedule for an additional fee per day.


For the Full-Time Atelier Program:

Fall and Spring Term is $3,150 per term

Summer Term is $2,790

There is a $50 dollar facilities fee in addition to the tuition

The full-time tuition rate does not include guest workshop fees

For Part-Time or Individual Courses:

The curriculum can be divided into individual courses that are studied on a part-time basis or taken “a’ la carte”. However, each course builds upon the next so the beginning courses are required prerequisites for the upper level drawing and painting courses.

Below is an example of the a’la carte fee structure for individual courses based on a two 3 hr. session per week part-time schedule for the Fall Term of 2018*:

  • 2 Day Old Master Drawing [6hrs]: $970 ($865 Summer Term)
  • 2 Day Cast Drawing [6hrs]: $1,095 ($965 Summer Term)
  • 2 Day Figure Drawing/ Painting [6hrs]: $1,620 ($1,395 Summer Term )
  • 3 Day Figure Drawing/ Painting [9hrs]: $1,690 ($1,485 Summer Term )
  • 2 Day Cast Painting [6hrs]: $1,095 ( $975 Summer Term )
  • 2 Day Still Life Painting [6hrs]: $1,095 ( $985 Summer Term )
  • Monday Anatomy [3hrs w/model]: $695 (Fall and Spring Term only)
  • Friday Beginning Painting I [3hrs]: $425 ( $375 Summer Term )
  • Friday Intermediate Painting II [3hrs]: $425 ( $375 Summer Term )
  • Friday Portrait Drawing/Painting [3hrs]: $725 ( $690 Summer Term )

Additional studio time per week can be added to specific courses for $180 dollars per 3 hr. session (for example, the Old Master Drawing Course would be $1145 for 3 sessions per week.)

*Note: the list above is only an example summary, not every course listed above is offered each term. Tuition rates may change depending on model fees and studio time agreed upon by both the instructors and individual students.

An initial deposit of $350 is required before each term to secure your place. A payment schedule is optional. We offer an installment plan with a $25 dollar fee per installment, up to 4 installments per term. Check or Cash is accepted for payment. PayPal payment or Credit Cards are also accepted with an additional 3% fee added.