News & Notes…

e174474b57fae54ebf101f0d619ce032The response we have received from our new site has been great – Thank you!  This week we have few announcements:

The second issue of Post-Modern Times: The Journal of Aesthetics and Art History (Volume 2) is out in both digital format and print version. This issue features the work of TAFA director Ron A. Cheek, along with several artists you will want to see… So check it out!

It can be ordered through Amazonor click on the cover image on the right to order directly from HP MagCloud. From MagCloud you buy either a print version or a digital version in a high res PDF format. In our opinion the MagCloud version has better quality images. And if you buy the print version from MagCloud they give you the digital for free!

The journal Post-Modern Times was created by Stephen Smith. Smith is an artist, writer, critic, entrepreneur and general renaissance man. We think you will find his blog site of great interest. You can check it out here: Birmingham Free Press

Lastly, we still have space available for the coming 2013 FAll Term. But please contact us immediately because we are getting inquiries almost daily as time draws near. The application form can downloaded directly from the website and emailed back to expedite the process. But always contact us via email first so we know you are interested.

Stay Real!