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Our anatomy class is an ongoing course we offer every fall and winter/spring terms. It is an 11 week course that is designed to help artists improve their understanding of the figure by focusing on human anatomy and proportion. This term we will focus on portraiture and anatomy of the head and shoulders. The course is designed to allow artists to work freely with any drawing media. No painting media is used due to time & space constraints, however, the course is designed for portrait and figurative painters. At TAFA we believe that good drawing skills will lead to good painting.

The format of each session will include a 20-25 minute lecture on the anatomical topic for the evening and then we draw from the model with the emphasis on the topic of focus. For example, one week might be the topic of the eye and its anatomy – we would then draw from the model in different gestures and angles focusing on the eyes.

Regarding the materials… you will need either a sketch book or several sheets of cut paper at an approximate size of 9 x 12 inches or slightly larger… (9 x 12 in. is also a standard size for many sketchbooks). The paper can be white or toned with light gray or tan – whatever your preference. Bring any drawing media you want to work with, such as: pencil, charcoal pencil, sanguine and/or white pastel pencil.You will be sitting in a chair and drawing and so if you bring cut paper make sure you have a drawing board as well that is small enough to hold in your lap.

The base cost of the course is $265 plus a $10 dollar admin fee for the lesson hand-outs & notes you will receive each week – total tuition is $275 dollars.

The course begins next week, Wednesday evening, January 22, and will start at 6:30 and end at 8:30 p.m. You can pay with a check or cash, or credit card with a 3% added fee.

Our studio address is 415 South Main Street; Fort Worth, TX 76104.

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