TAFA sets stage for 360 West Weddings Photo Shoot

It’s all about “location, location, location!’ And for the 360 West Weddings Spring 2015 edition, TAFA is prime real estate.

Wedding Cover

Photographer Ralph Lauer set up shop in TAFA’s studio and gallery space – the perfect spot for hip, urban, artsy wedding photos. The luminous light in TAFA’s soon-to-open gallery makes the perfect backdrop for the beautiful bride.

TAFA studio showcases a plethora of subjects. The painter’s tools and students artwork mix for a contemporary meets Old-world feel.

You can see the digital version of the article “The Art of the Dress”  (pp. 9 – 11) by clicking on the cover image or the following address:  http://www.bluetoad.com/publication/?i=241234&p=10

Wedding Studio


Wedding Studio2