TAFA visits Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Ingres, Achilles Receiving the Ambassadors of Agamemnon

This past summer TAFA students and guests visited the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the exhibit Gods & Heros: Masterpieces from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris (http://www.okcmoa.com/see/exhibitions/gods-and-heroes/). The exhibit showcased the Ecole des Beaux Arts paintings and drawings by masters including Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, François Boucher, and William Bouguereau, among others.

The students were inspired by seeing the high level of their academic predecessors in person, especially the historic paintings by the Prix de Rome prize winners.  Auguste-Dominque Ingres, Achilles Receiving the Ambassadors of Agamemnon, 1801


The torso study competition paintings were amazing to see. The exhibition displayed the paintings salon style on one entire wall, but interestingly kept the Bouguereau near his other works.

Torso - Bouguereau
William-Adolpe Bouguereau, Torso, 1850
Ingres Torso
Ingres, Dominique, Academic Study of a Male Torso, 1800











The trip was part of TAFA’s  Art@ Events which introduce new art experiences to our students throughout the year. We visit art studios, galleries, meet art collectors, plein air trips, and tour art venues.

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